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Monday, May 24, 2010

My god.

Alright, it's been a SUPER long time since i was on here, and i regret that.
I know that this blog isn't very popular, but hey, it aims to be a source of help and info for the small people,(not midgets, i didn't mean that.)
Anyway, i will be posting regularly, and i encourage following of the blog. This post I'm putting out there to re-iterate my suggestion of reading the posts, and for this:
Perhaps someone would like to share their own tips? e-mail me what you would like to put, and your name, and any other info, and I'll post it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I joined it, and i need to post this. NGRDHD8QYBRG

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jailbreak tutorial.

If you have an ipod touch, an iphone, or something along those lines, you're in luck. If you haven't read my other post, please do, it will make your life easier, and my fingers won't hate me. First off, you need your device(running 3.x firmware, but not 3.1.3.) hooked up to your pc. Next, open up itunes, then download a jailbreak software, such as Redsn0w. Next, download another 3.x firmware, saving all downloads to your DESKTOP. Put your device into recovery mode, and start the jailbreak program. Specify the firmware you downloaded, and it will jailbreak it.It may do something with the ipod, just let it happen. Go into itunes, hold "shift", then click restore, select the firmware on your desktop. In order to download red sn0w, google it, as I cannot personally vouch for a site. For a copy of the new firmware you're using, google it as well. Also, for any other info, and a look at what you can get from a jailbreak, visit Cydia There are ALOT of rescources for you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tech stuff and reviews.

Alright. So, if you're reading this, you're probably using some sort of internet-browsing device, such as an ipod touch, a computer, or even a ps3(xbox doesn't have a browser). (If you're not, you're probably a wizard and this blog is only a means for you to travel between worlds.)
And with these devices come great things, such as facebook integration, apps and games, online multiplayer, that sort of thing.
BUT, did you know, you can enhance these devices? Make them so that they have more functionality and use, things the developers never intended? I'M BETTING YOU DIDN'T.
Here's what I mean. If you own a Ps3(like me), you can enhance it. I mean to apply modifications, one major one, IS A COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEM. You know, the stuff that makes games, and has it's own filesystem. It's called linux, and Ps3 (fat models, not the new slims), can run it.
So you're probably thinking to yourself, "But jeff, I don't have those things because I'm scared to get a new system", or "MY PARENTS ARE TYRANTS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL."
But in reality, it's quite simple. I will post how-to's in the future, for now i'm handing out info.
If you have a laptop, you can replace your Ps3's HDD(hard drive), with your laptop's. This adds memory to your Ps3.
If you have an ipod touch, you've probably noticed it's very dull. Sure, you can download apps, but how far does that really go? Apple cracks down on Good stuff that could greatly enhance the i-touching experience. For instance, you cannot customize the look of it, always stuck with that black screen.
Secondly, you can't get any old app. Just the one's apple approves, and that may be alot, but they are limited on what they can do.
Here's where the fun starts, if you use something known as jailbreaking, you can customize your ipod. This includes the sounds, the appearance of the pages and icons, addition of third party software, to mod what your ipod can, and can not, do. It's very simple as well, you can use my google search up top to youtube it, or ask me. Just leave a comment, and i'll do my best to get back to you.
Computer mods are harder, and require some experience in the modding field. I'll cover that in detail later.
Also, if you want to find me on facebook, or myspace, or Playstation Network, I'm available.
Thanks, jeff.

The basics.

  • First and foremost, this blog DOES NOT aim to provide professional advice, nor does it guarantee that your life will change in any manner(unless you try hard enough, that is).