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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jailbreak tutorial.

If you have an ipod touch, an iphone, or something along those lines, you're in luck. If you haven't read my other post, please do, it will make your life easier, and my fingers won't hate me. First off, you need your device(running 3.x firmware, but not 3.1.3.) hooked up to your pc. Next, open up itunes, then download a jailbreak software, such as Redsn0w. Next, download another 3.x firmware, saving all downloads to your DESKTOP. Put your device into recovery mode, and start the jailbreak program. Specify the firmware you downloaded, and it will jailbreak it.It may do something with the ipod, just let it happen. Go into itunes, hold "shift", then click restore, select the firmware on your desktop. In order to download red sn0w, google it, as I cannot personally vouch for a site. For a copy of the new firmware you're using, google it as well. Also, for any other info, and a look at what you can get from a jailbreak, visit Cydia There are ALOT of rescources for you.


  1. dude im sorry i posted on ''life and all the other crap'',i dont wanna bring it up again so please check it out.

  2. you already did i hope, im gonna talk 2morrow so hear ya then! cant wait til' next blog.

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  6. thank you so much better then those other stupid sights i got a virus looking for something good